We are Diana Dental, we want to come to work every day to help and educate our patients and make them feel happier and more comfortable. We all enjoy coming into work and being part of the team we want to excel at what we do and keep up to date with the fast pace world of dentistry.

We strive to make a difference not only to our patients, but to our families and our local communities, we want to feel happy and appreciated after our day and want this to reflect both in our work and home lives.

We want Diana Dental to be a fun and happy place to work and for this feeling to be infectious to our patients too. We want you to feel relaxed and at ease when you come to visit us.

We take pride in our work and pride in meeting and helping lots of different people, we all spend time and effort to continue our professional development, not only for ourselves but so we can pass on new skills to the care we provide for our patients.

We are proud to be Diana Dental

Our mission:

To improve your confidence by improving your smile.

Our goals:

  • Reduce the risk of serious medical conditions
  • Enjoy fresher breath and keep your gums in the pink
  • Enjoy brighter teeth and keep gum disease at bay
  • Prevent gum recession, loose or drifting teeth
  • Help you feel more confident in your smile

Our location:

14 Diana Road, Birches Head, Hanley, ST1 6RS

Phone number:
01782 307 066

[email protected]

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