We recently has the pleasure of seeing this patient who was very concerned about the health of his teeth. But with our care and guidance, we were able to restore his smile and confidence!

Here’s what he has to say about his experience having dental implants fitted at our clinic in Stoke on Trent:


trevorNow I’m in trouble! I’ve just come from my normal NHS dentist who’s had to inform me that four of my front teeth are damaged beyond repair!

The background to my teeth is that around 30 years ago my teeth were damaged in a minor accident meaning they had to be fitted with crowns. Despite regular visits to the dentist since then I’ve had nothing but trouble with them as they always seemed to break and come loose at the most inappropriate times – such as holidays and conferences abroad.

During the last dentist visit I was informed that I’d have to have my teeth removed and fitted with dentures – my only option available on the NHS. This was not acceptable to me, I work for a large multi national company and my job requires me to travel and meet clients so I didn’t want to look or sound less than perfect. So I went home and onto the internet to find out what could be done.

There I discovered implants and the fact that if I wanted to go to a country such as Poland and have them done in one week for half the price I could expect to pay in the UK. Good idea? I don’t think so! What if I had a problem? It’s a long way to go…

Then, after talking to work associates, I was introduced to Diana Dental.


My Consultation
On calling them I was advised that they would need to examine me to see if I was suitable for implant treatment, so an appointment was arranged. On visiting the practice I was greeted in a most welcoming manner and offered a drink whilst waiting. I took this opportunity to study both the facilities and the manner in which the patients were dealt with -an off-the-wall audit!

On meeting Zoe it was discovered that after x rays I was a suitable candidate for implants. The treatment could commence and the length of time was between 4-6 months. I expressed surprise at the length of time and it was explained to me that as I am a living machine that when the existing teeth were removed my mouth would change shape rendering the replacement teeth far from satisfactory – as an engineer I could fully understand her point on this so I agreed treatment!


My Treatment
The treatment was carried out in carefully-planned stages. Firstly my teeth were removed and temporary dentures were provided whilst my gums were in the process of healing. My implants were then placed and restored.

Payments were made easier by the use of staged payments as my treatment progressed.


Results and benefits
Since having the treatment the benefits have been many and varied. I dare to smile again, I can eat properly again, food tasted better and overall my confidence has been restored.


I do not hesitate in giving a 100% recommendation to Diana Dental. Both in their level of service, kindness, compassion and commitment! It must be said that a person’s self respect takes a real beating. When your teeth are in a bad state its not always your fault but the shame and guilty feelings have to be endured all the same. The team at Diana Dental have helped me to cope with this at all times in the kindest manner.


Apart from my wife Ann, this is the best investment I have made in my life. At last after 30 years of suffering with these, I’m free from the feeling that my teeth are going to embarrass me. I can now smile and eat anything I desire without feeling this is going to go wrong. I can most certainly say that I have no hesitation in staying with the Diana Dental team re: the upkeep of my teeth in all aspects.”

Trevor Latala