In December 2016, I faced the prospect of living with a denture with two front teeth. I suffered a tennis accident in my teens and ended up with two front crowns on posts which surprisingly lasted over 60 years until they had to be removed.

I was recommended to visit Diana Dental for an alternative solution and it has proved to be the best decision I could have made. I am now the proud owner of two superb dental implants.

The process, although expensive and long, was managed by Zoe with care and precision. I knew I was receiving the best treatment possible. The staff at Diana Dental are very professional and courteous.

The result is I can now live with two new teeth that function like the originals, are stronger than the crowns, and are cosmetically brilliant. It has been a thoroughly worthwhile investment in time and money and I would not hesitate to recommend Diana Dental for implant treatment.

John Hillier

I am a very nervous dental patient and needed a number of visits in order to repair and crown teeth I had been having trouble with for a while. I was also very conscious of my teeth and had wanted this work done for many years.

Diana Dental was recommended to me by a family member and I am extremely pleased with the care and treatment I received throughout the process as well the the end result.

The staff are warm, friendly and experts in their field! Throughout the process I was able to steadily build in confidence. I went from being sedated in my first visits to being able to have crowns fitted without any sedation or anesthetic due to the help and approach of the team.

I have now joined the care plan and would highly recommend DD to anyone who is nervous or looking for any type of treatment, including cosmetic.

C Gordon

Having had many problems with teeth over the years I have seen many dentists. I knew I was looking at having to lose my natural teeth but as this has been a fear since childhood I kept delaying, which had an impact on my health.

Dentures for some unknown reason have always made me vomit if I have seen them so the prospect of having to have them was very frightening causing nightmares and stress.

From day 1 – the first visit with Rachael – I’ve felt supported and understood. No one has belittled my fear, instead the whole team has been reassuring and patient. Communication has been excellent at all stages and I have been made to feel like I have gained friends I can trust.

I have now had all teeth removed and felt supported throughout treatment. All options have been discussed throughout treatment. I am now wearing temporary dentures and considering implants to bottom denture but will again have the opportunity to discuss in a calm, friendly, reassuring environment my own personal wants and needs. I would recommend Zoe and her team to everyone, especially frightened patients.


I had an implant placed after I broke my front tooth and found the service at Diana Dental excellent and the customer care very efficient. I now have no gaps in my teeth and the implant matches in very well! I would definitely recommend Diana Diana!

Thank you to all of the team.

G Jinks

“I was welcomed warmly, it was a very efficient service, Allysun was easy to get along with and explained the procedure fully as she went along, asking my thoughts about everything, I felt comfortable, thanks.”


“Had a check up and filling, all done in the one visit. Excellent treatment and care as always.”


The staff at Diana Dental helped me to feel calm and confident with the treatment I have received. I am so pleased that I found this dental surgery


Excellent, friendly and professional

Many thanks to Diana Dental for the excellent, friendly and professional job they did of repairing my teeth and giving me back my smile, as well as coping with a scaredy cat.

Working with young people who are not afraid of saying things out loud and being blunt, I had begun to feel conscience about my deteriorating teeth and sometimes bad breath. Making the decision to choose Diana Dental was the best one I could have made. I always use football analogies and if they were a football team they would be Real Madrid or Brazil.


From the age of 10 I have had unaligned teeth, caused by play fighting as a child and getting kicked in the mouth. But as I was of the opinion braces were un-cool, I was adamant that I didn’t want a brace. With age I grew more self-conscious about my teeth, which gradually seemed to be getting worse.

I considered doing something about them for years but never got round to actually pursuing a solution. That was until November 2013 when I first enquired about Invisalign at Diana Dental.

The staff talked me through the whole process thoroughly and explained all the possible side effects which might occur. From the very first sit down with one of the dental nurses I had a clear picture of the process involved.

Throughout the duration of my treatment the staff were always very friendly and accommodating regarding appointment bookings. I consider the care I received to be of the highest quality and would not hesitate to recommend Diana Dental to anyone considering the Invisalign treatment in the future.

In addition I would definitely recommend the Invisalign treatment to anyone who is not happy with the alignment of their teeth.

From a personal point of view I consider the Invisalign treatment to be a great investment in terms of both time and money and now feel confident to smile in public.

I cannot thank Dr Zoe Wray and the rest of the dental team enough in assisting in my treatment.

Tim Baker

As a result of an accident my front tooth came out.

I visited Zoe Wray at Diana Dental, she informed me I would need a second front tooth removed. I was extremely upset. It was important to get my teeth replaced. Two options: a denture or implants. I knew I could not cope with a denture, therefore I opted for the implants. I went on to have implant treatment on my upper front teeth.

My experience from beginning to end was most professional and the quality of care was excellent. Customer care at Diana Dental was excellent, nothing was too much trouble- without doubt they went that extra mile! Since having the treatment I have never looked back.

I would not hesitate in recommending the services of Diana Dental. The compliments I have received regarding the quality have been outstanding.

Well done to all at Diana Dental, you have given me back my smile!

Christina Talbot

Just to say thank you to you all – especially Zoe and Terri for the wonderful treatment I’ve received during my 6 month smile treatment.

Although there were a few difficult moments and Zoe’s patience must have been tested, we got there in the end and I am so pleased with the result.

All the staff at Diana Dental are so friendly and happy. I would recommend anyone to visit the surgery. Many thanks again.


My thanks to Diana Dental for their kindness and skill and efficiency consistently demonstrated in my treatment. The high quality of care that they provided has been greatly appreciated and the results have totally exceeded my expectations.


My thanks to all at Diana Dental for putting a lovely smile on my face, my teeth look wonderful, I can’t stop smiling.


We would like to say a big thank you for such a caring and professional service over more than 12 years. All staff have been excellent.


Following my recent accident I cannot thank the staff at Diana Dental enough for looking after me so professionally. Excellent results, thanks to them I am now able to smile again.


I’ve been attending the surgery for the past 10 years and have nothing but praise for the staff and the treatment I’ve received. I went from being a very nervous patient to one who has no qualms in attending the surgery. I’m always made to feel at ease and I feel I always receive the best advice and treatment.


When I went to Diana Dental I had horrible yellow teeth and two teeth at the front which had died and were black, I felt as though I just could not smile.

I received top quality care from Kirsty and the team, they were all so understanding and all the staff are lovely. I had a tooth removed and replaced with a bridge, a new crown and tooth whitening and I am over the moon, I now have lovely white teeth and can smile all the time!

I would definitely recommend Diana Dental my new smile has really changed my life!!

Julie Leese

Absolutely Quality


No treatment required! Very friendly staff


They were very good, thank you very much. Keep smiling and cleaning!


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