The consequences of loose fitting dentures can reach far beyond the embarrassment of them slipping with you are eating or talking. With the new treatment being offered at Diana Dental the All on 4 system can eliminate the need for dentures and provide you with a fixed, stable dentition which can really change your life!

Discomfort and inconvenient handlingdentures stoke on trent
Like many denture wearers, you might be unhappy with the fit of your plate, unsecured dentures which move when you eat or talk can create pressure on your gums and jaw bone and can eventually lead to painful inflammations.

Difficulty chewing and speaking
Dentures can often stop you from eating the foods that you once loved, plastic components on your denture can also have an effect on how you taste your food. Dentures might also affect your speech and the way you pronounce certain words leading to a decrease in your confidence.
Why not make a list of the foods you once enjoyed and now can’t? Is this making you consider a life without dentures?

Changes to your appearance
You jaw bone will start to shrink away if you have teeth missing in that area, this shrinkage will affect how your dentures fit and you may find them becoming loose and slipping more. Missing teeth can also affect your appearance because your lips are no longer supported from the inside, your chin will start to move forward and upward and your lips turn inward.
If this is making you think about a life without dentures, or someone you know, we offer free consultations to discuss the All on 4 treatment with Rachel, our treatment coordinator. Why not see how this treatment can completely change your life!