Dr. Zoe Wray


GDC number: 71797

BDS MFGDP (UK)1996 Birmingham MsC (Dental Implantology)

Favourite Car: DBS Aston Martin (I wish!)
Favourite Film: Steel Magnolias
Favourite Song: Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams
Favourite Food: My Mum’s Steak & Kidney Pudding
Favourite Holiday Destination: Malta
Favourite Drink: Pina Colada
Favourite Hobby: Skiing

Rachel Worth

Rachel Worth


GDC number: 122220

Registered Dental Nurse 2007 Middlewich
Dental Radiography Certificate

Joined the practice in 2007

Favourite Car: Jaguar F type
Favourite Film: Any Harry Potter
Favourite Song: Everlong – Foofighters
Favourite Food: Steak
Favourite Holiday Destination: Cornwall
Favourite Drink: Cherry/strawberry beer
Favourite Hobby: Cooking

Allysun Ramsdale

Allysun Ramsdale


GDC number 4332

Enrolled Dental Hygienist Leeds 1992
Tooth Whitening 2008
Dental Radiography 2008
Facial Aesthetics 2013

  • Favourite Car: Lotus Elise
  • Favourite Film: I Robot
  • Favourite Song: Love Hurts by Nazareth
  • Favourite Food: Dessert, anything chocolatey!
  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Egypt
  • Favourite Drink: Pear Cider
  • Favourite Hobby: Relaxing with the soaps!

Stacey Warren

Stacey Warren


GDC number 166977

Diploma in Hygiene and Therapy 2011
Tooth Whitening 2012 Liverpool

  • Favourite Car: Audi TT
  • Favourite Film: Moulin Rouge
  • Favourite Song: Olly Murs-Dance with me tonight
  • Favourite Food: Indian
  • Favouite Holiday Destination: New York
  • Favouite Drink: Cheeky Vimto
  • Favourite Hobby: Zumba

Heather Moghadam

Heather Moghadam


GDC number 191864

National certificate 2009 NEBDN
Dental hygiene and therapy 2013 Liverpool

  • Favourite Car: Mercedes SLS AMG
  • Favourite Film: ?
  • Favourite Song: Misery Business – Paramore
  • Favourite Food: Fillet Steak
  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Mauritius
  • Favourite Drink: Prosecco
  • Favourite Hobby: Going to the gym

Stacey Elsby

Stacey Elsby


GDC number 169299

Registered Dental Nurse 2007 Manchester

Joined the practice in 2007

  • Favourite car: Bentley Continental
  • Favourite film: Lion King
  • Favourite song: When I Was Young
  • Favourite food: Steak
  • Favourite holiday: Dubai
  • Favourite drink: Spritzer
  • Favourite hobby: Shopping (not food!)

Kimberely Jackson

Kimberely Jackson


GDC number 234932

  • Favourite car: Audi A3
  • Favourite film: Pretty Woman
  • Favourite song: Eagles – Hotel California
  • Favourite food: Steak
  • Favourite holiday: New York
  • Favourite drink: Gin and Tonic
  • Favourite hobby: Keeping active

Summer Lazenby

Summer Lazenby


Joined the practice in 2016

  • Favourite car: Ferrari – La Ferrari
  • Favourite film: Top Gun
  • Favourite song: This town – Niall Horan
  • Favourite food: A good steak
  • Favourite holiday: USA
  • Favourite drink: Red Zombie;
  • Favourite hobby: Travelling

Chris Wright

Chris Wright


GDC number 15349

Joined the practice 2013

  • Favourite Car: Caterham 7
  • Favourite Film: As Good As It Gets
  • Favourite Song: Roxanne
  • Favourite Food: Mum’s Cottage Pie
  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Scotland
  • Favourite Drink: Cup of tea (with a chocolate digestive!)
  • Favourite Hobby: Triathlon

Chris Forrest


GDC number 244311

  • Favourite Car: Ford Mustang
  • Favourite Film: Jurassic Park
  • Favourite Song: Journey Don’t stop believing
  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Canada
  • Favourite Drink: Long island iced tea
  • Favourite Hobby: Skiing

Lucy Moreton

  • Favourite Car: Volkswagon Golf
  • Favourite Film: The talented Mr Ripley
  • Favourite Song: Forever The Beach Boys
  • Favourite Food: Mums Spaghetti bolagnaise
  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Poland
  • Favourite Drink: Rose wine
  • Favourite Hobby: Drawing